sbp [too stupid] ;; ?

it's been a while,

and oh, how you've changed.

What's happened to LJ? I heard yaoi communities were being banned. This is absolutely ridiculous. It is too stupid to really happen, as if my icon does not say enough.

I turn away for a couple weeks [or months, idk] and all this ruckus happens. LJ, you should know better.

I'll be back to check on a couple journals [real life friends, etc], but otherwise, I'm disappearing from LJ, which means mass-defriendation. Sorry, guys, but... I haven't really talked to most of you in a while anyway, and I haven't been checking my Flist, so really, no harm done. My RL friends and like, Camila will stay, but I'm dead to everyone else. Good luck to ALL OF YOU in your lives, and good luck to LJ in becoming less stupid.

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pretty boy, it's time to wake up;;

Freeze Pop is my new favourite band of all time, ever. Seriously, whoa. ♥

Okay. As I promised Cara and Amier, my list of things that I want for my birthday [which is a week from today omg! ^^;]:
On The Bright Side, I'm Now The Girlfriend Of A Sex God, by Louise Rennison
Random manga [It'd be rly cool if I had like, Idk, Pet Shop of Horrors 4 or 5 or nine or ten or seven or eight or six. ^^;]
This bag. They have it at the store. [at Oviedo, anyway... Idk about anywhere else.]
Or this one.
Pretty much any t-shirt from Hot Topic.
Books. Just... books. ^^; Books you might think are good.
Not Biology IAs.
Shiny things [i.e., earrings, etc.]
Something that will make my arm stop itching [not really, that one was a bit of a joke.]
Something involving horses. ^^;
Freeze Pop CDs, if you can find them [which would be AMAZING. Not Fancy Ultra-Fresh, though, I've got that one.]
iPod sparkly accessory type things.

That's pretty much it. It took Rachel and I forever [like, five minutes, roflmgdao] to come up with that list. I like, failed at thinking of things.

Today was okay. :) Sam showed up at my house [before I got home, lmfao] and then we played Monopoly [after I got home, obviously] and talked and it was generally amazing. Of course. ^_~;

Those faces are slightly scary.

At any rate! Must go. I'll check the f-list tomorrow. Adieu, loves!
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sigh! ;; [c]emmysdream

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OKAY. So, Kit is over at my house and we were talking about.... Idk, something, and I was reminded of She-Ra, which is my NEW LAYOUT EVERYONE LOOKY, and so then I found the theme song video thing.

If anyone has never seen it, you are a) deprived, and b) GOING TO WATCH IT NOW.

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Real update later, probably. u_u; SORRY, FLIST. u_u;!!! I don't have time for interwebs anymore because my parents are LEWZRZ, so... blaksjfd;alkjsre. Yes.

Making this public for the WORLD TO SEE.

Why do I not have a plethora of She-Ra icons? BLAST.
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My parents, who don't trust me, have grounded me from the computer Monday-Thursday. As a result, I will thus NOT BE UPDATING, nor will I be able to read anyone's LJ. There's the possibility that I can get online in the afternoons whenever I'm at Supernatural or Amnesty meetings, because there's internet there, but probably not. If anyone makes friend cuts, pretend I've commented. :( Plz don't take me off your listsssssss. :)
Also, if anyone needs me, my mobile number is 407.415.6545. :) Okay.

Later, loves. ♥

ALSO: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, camilahearts! I love you so much more than life itself. :) So now you are TOTALLY coming down here. Why is this such a big font. I LOVE YOU.
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Everyone, please go do the survery thing in my last entry? Since I asked nicely? :>

Also, I am sitting at my desk, dancing to the Time Warp.

Yeah, I'm nerdy. u_u;

I have to go to get our family portrait picture thing for my parents' church. /= My dad wants me to be in it, despite the fact that I don't go to church, and if only so he has a newish picture of me in his office. LOLZ.

School starts soon. :) I'm happy about it, even though I wish I had English 7th period. It just seems like a tradition. With the exception of 9th grade, I had english last period... since sixth. Bah. /=

Okay. I should do work before I get caught.
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i kind of feel like i gota huge slap in the face.

i want to go sit and just cry. idk why. but there's no one to catch me, ha. there hasn't been, really, for a while.

how utterly stupid.

i should go get ready for daniel's party.

gomenasai/i know i let you down/gomenasai till the end/i never needed a friend/like i do now/

big girls don't cry.
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